Wednesday, September 4, 2013


August 29 - September 1, 2013 - 98 degrees and humid

First of all, we are living up to our name as drifters.  Our original plan was to travel from Portland Oregon to Portland Maine and then travel south to spend December/January in Florida.  The first of August our big plan was altered when our renter moved out unexpectedly from our retirement home in Arizona.  What to do, what to do...  We decided we should make a huge right turn and head toward Arizona and winter there instead of Florida.  The rationale for our decision was we didn't want to leave the house vacant too long so that meant our travels would be modified (not stopped) sooner than we thought.  Next stop - Branson.

THE OZARKS -  Ray loves the Ozarks.  I never was interested in visiting there, except for Branson -- maybe.  So it wasn't a hard sell when I said that I wanted to see Branson on our way to AZ.  The highways in the Ozarks are full of scenic trees and rock formations.  The downside is they are very curvy.  We now have a new rule - no three digit (176) roads when traveling with 5th wheel.

BRANSON - We arrived on the Thursday before Labor Day Weekend in Branson.  Branson's population is 10,000.  It is very spread out with three main routes through the city.  You feel like your in a mini Las Vegas.   There are country and/or gospel performers, comedy, magic, and other shows to select from.  Tons of places to eat and water feature activities.  Funny thing about that Thursday was some of the features were closed.  After some inquiries, we found out that many businesses close on the Thursday before Labor Day to rest....hmmm.  

We visited the College of the Ozarks in Hollister where the Beverly Hillbillies Car is located and the Bass Pro Shop on Lake Tanycomo (that looks like a river) in Branson Landing.  It was so hot that steam was rising from the lake at 4 p.m.   We finished our tour through Old Town and headed back to the RV and AC.

ABC CAMPGROUND - This campground is located on a hill above Branson.  It have over 100 sites.  We found ourselves in the middle of an American Couch Rally.  We felt a little like the step child.  The interesting thing about campgrounds in the midwest is they provide information about severe weather and shelters.  I always pay attention to the information and wonder what it would feel like to stay in a laundry room with strangers waiting out an tornado.

I had to share this picture with you.  The site was level but it was interesting when we left.  We didn't bottom out but it was close.  If I was coming here again, I would investigate a campground on the lake and if that was not available, I would stay here.  There was nothing wrong with the site or facilities and the price was reasonable.

Next stop, a place has talked about for 25 years - Eureka Springs Arkansas

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