Wednesday, August 28, 2013


August 27, 2013

We finally cut the cords and headed out of Minnesota.  Iowa is our next destination on our adventure.  This is a quick trip with an overnight at a casino on I-35.
  The cost of our overnight stay was $20.  The temp was 100 degrees when we arrived at the casino.  Ray set up the RV.  I turned on the AC and we headed out to the casino to cool down.

Hot days bring on the desire for a chilled draft beer.  Needless to say it went down quickly.  To our surprise, the casino policy is one beer per every 20 minutes.  This was fine with us but we would of timed our drinking better if we had known.

Nice park for an overnighter.  No bathhouse (restrooms/showers)  Full hookups and easy access from the freeway.

Lots of construction this summer.  I have heard Ray talk about reusing concrete for highways for years. But I have never seen it done or never noticed...  this time I did.  There was a mile of chewed up concrete.  They were removing the rebarb before grinding it up to reuse it.  Who knew this would peak my interest.

ALSO - the dirt is really dark brown.  Never seen dirt that brown.  Again..who knew this would peak my....

One regret, we forgot about the Bridges of Madison County until we saw the sign for the turnoff.  Darn, I would of liked to see them.  We have reservations in Branson for Labor Day and I don't want to mess with them so off we go....

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