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September 1 - 3, 2013

Eureka Springs Arkansas has never been on my radar as a destination point as we travel across the United States.  This visit was Ray's idea and he was right!  What a beautiful village.  Eureka Springs is in Northwest Arkansas in the Ozarks.  The town is carved into a hillside with shops and Victorian houses lined up steep winding narrow streets.  Eureka Springs has been called The Little Switzerland of America and The Stairstep Town because of its mountainous terrain and the winding, up and paths of its streets and walkways. The streets wind around the town, and no two intersect at a 90 degree angle; there are no traffic lights (according to Wikipedia).  AND Harley enthusiasts love it!

This town should be on anyone's list who is traveling around the United States.

 The Crescent Hotel was built in 1886.  It is on top of the hill and is haunted by eight ghosts.  There are tours nightly.

As a side-note:  Back in the 1970's, Ray climbed through a window and saw Willie Nelson perform.  He and his friends crashed a private concert.
Another interesting fact about Eureka Springs is it is located in Carroll County.  No wonder we felt at home.

Downtown Eureka Springs.  There is main and underground - except the underground isn't underground.

On Labor Day, there were hundreds of bikers all enjoying riding up and down the streets.  Smart folks used the Trolley which sells all day tickets for $6.  We just jumped in with the truck and enjoyed seeing all the buildings, houses and springs.

Most of the houses are bed and breakfast.  They are all well-kept and charming.

SPRINGS - All through the town there are springs.  Many are framed in a garden setting. In the center of town is the "Balm of Life" which was professed to cure all sorts of ailments including cancer.

 You can walk (step) up to the entrance where the spring is located on the side of the hill.  You can see where folks camped there.  Ray provided me a geography lesson about the types of rocks in the hillside.   My son pointed out to us that you can find the same type of rocks in Africa and at one time 5 million years ago, Africa and Ozarks were connected.  
We stopped and looked at several springs.  Each was uniquely different and well maintained.  None had a bubbling spring.  

THE HOUSE RAY LIVED IN...  guess who lived in Eureka Springs for five years?  I had my own person guide.  It was fun traveling around the town and having Ray point out different places.  This is one of the houses he lived in.

THE PASSION PLAY & CHRIST OF THE OZARKS - in 1967 a man decided to create a seven story statue of Christ to overlook Eureka Springs and the Ozarks.   The Passion Play was a draw to millions of tourist that came annually to see the outdoor performance.  This year might be their final year of performing the play.

 Look who played "Doubting Thomas" in 1976?  Scary to think I married him.

Renewing a friendship.  Ray got a chance to catch up with a friend he hadn't seen in over 30 years.  The talked and talked late into the night.  What a gift for both of them.

 CATFISH AND FROG LEGS - yes Ray ate them...I had chicken (I'm totally a NW girl)


This  is a great campground.  What I loved best, on their website it said call before driving to campground.  GPS is not always right.  What great advise.  Think about driving the huge fifth wheel on those narrow streets in downtown.

Another thing - Louie has been having separation anxiety when left with Sydney in the trailer alone.  We have been working with him and felt we could leave for a short walk through the town Monday morning.  I talked to the office staff and they assured me that they would check on the trailer and if a problem, they would call.

I don't know if Louie behaved or not but I relaxed knowing that if there was a problem, we had a solution.  I was able to enjoy our walk and arrived back to a quiet campsite.

The other plus of this campground is the sunsets - priceless.

BOY ARE WE DRIFTING - After visiting the Ozarks, Ray became nostalgic.  We decided to make another u-turn and travel to southern Indiana.  Unusual way to travel to Arizona, but it works for us.

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