Monday, September 9, 2013


September 3 - 9, 2013

We are in Ray's hometown.  Corydon is in southern Indiana located just north and west of Louisville Kentucky.   They call this area Kentuckiana.  Its always good to visit your home town and connect with family and friends who knew you when...  Ray has enjoyed every minute.  This was one of our best decisions.

Wednesday - Visit with Uncle Pete.  Uncle Pete use to take Ray fishing, hunting and had Ray working on his farm.  His favorite joke is to say "I taught him every thing he knew..."  after telling hilarious stories about Ray.

We always try to go to Farmers Market where ever we are.  This trip brought a surprise of seeing childhood friends - at least their brother and husbands were Ray's friends.  It went around town quickly that Ray was back.

The evening ended with BFF Lester.  They acted like they live next door instead of cross the country.

Thursday and Friday was bow shooting, chatting, and more time with family and friends.  John and Ray spent time doing all things Ray has missed.

Saturday, Ray invited everyone to his John's house for a BBQ.  We treated everyone to glorified hotdogs, chicken and all the fix'ns.  Ray's niece, Lisa, helped with the food.  We had a great day visiting with friends, family and everyone that dropped by -

 Bob and Teresa (who has more toys than Ray) and Ray's G'niece Ashley)
 Lisa, Ray, Missy, and Uncle Pete
 Lester and his lovely wife, Vickie
 Ray's sister Brenda and her partner Linda
 Me and our daughter Missy
 Ray & Vickie - what cigar?
 John - Ray's brother-in-law for over 45 years
 Lisa and Steven

What I love about houses in Indiana is the yards - they are all mowed and large.  This is John's back yard.  The kids loved running and chasing each other and doing a little archery.  

Duck Dynasty folks would of been proud of the girls.

Missy and Brandi

Ray got a little G'pa time.

Sunday - The RV Park we are staying at has a pool....guess what we did on Sunday?

 The kids we not the only ones that had fun.......

 and the stories continue
 How did they talk G'pa into the back of the truck?
Missy, Ray's most favorite person in Indiana. 

Grand Trails RV Park - I am thankful that Corydon has a trailer park.  It was convenient for us to be close to everyone.  The park was adequate.  I wish they would do ground maintenance. I think it is the only piece of grass in Indiana that has not been mowed.  
So, I know why it is called Grand Trails - the three campers in this picture were all Grandparents visiting family in Corydon.
 The downside of the campground besides the tall grass, was the approximately to Tyson Foods.  In the evenings we would try to guess what they were cooking.  Chicken nuggets?
 We are next to Indian Creek.  It is against city regs to wade in the creek.  Ray said they did it all the time a hundred years ago.  I'm not disappointed over this fact, just found it interesting.  This bridge is a slab bridge which is very different from what we see in Oregon.  When the river is high, Ray used to wash his car in the creek.

Next stop - Memphis - we're going to see Elvis

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