Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Aug 7 thru 12, 2013

We are still traveling, we just had a recess in Wisconsin from the hectic schedule we were on.  Ray was in full vacation mode and we were not going to let a minute be wasted.  By the time we hit Wisconsin, I was exhausted and thankful there were no National Parks within a 50 miles radius.

We left Duluth by crossing a channel on Lake Superior and landed in Wisconsin.
Our first stop was the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center.  The center was full of information about the area and had beautiful views of Lake Superior from the viewing area on the upper floor.  The inside of the building had murals, information tables sponsored by National Parks, NOAH and US Forest Service.  It was a great place to take a break and learn about the area we were planning to visit for the next week.

Our next stop was Woodruff Wisconsin in North Wood Wisconsin.  The temp was in the high 60's and felt wonderful.  This is a busy place.  There is an impressive intersection where folks travel to three other towns surrounded by lakes, shops, and people.

 Our home for the week was Hiawatha Campground.  It was an older well kept campground with a majority of the spaces occupied by seasonal campers.  I now know what a seasonal camper is:  Someone that rents the space from May thru September.  Campers come up on weekends to fish or Loon spotters (Loonatics) This type of rental is not the case in the NW but I could see the appeal.  Most camp sites had long boats and Ray was anxious to purchase one...not.  The lakes were beautiful but most of the waterfront is private property.

I loved the signage.  Every intersection had signs for who had cabins down the road.

Sydney loved the green area around the campsite. Unfortunately, she ate something she shouldn't have and became ill.  We spent a couple of days watching Sydney.  She is much better but has lost the privilege of people food.

 We had a visitor at our campsite - a black squirrel.  The other animal we saw and was surprised by was turkeys along side the highway.

The other interesting thing we saw was a clothes line at the campsite.  This was a popular item.  I had never seen a clothes line for campers to use.  Doesn't take much to impress me.

I had my hair done in preparation for my class reunion the following week.  I was a little nervous when I found out it was the second week of employment for the hair stylist.  But she did a great job.

Back to Minnesota so I can catch a plane to Portland.

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