Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chilling in Wisconsin, Minnesota and a Reunion

We have been tardy the last couple of weeks.  We traveled from Duluth to the North Woods in Wisconsin.  We ran out of "gas",  including the dogs, in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and  chilled for a week.  Charged our batteries and headed back to Minnesota for me to catch a plane to Oregon for my fortieth reunion.  Just returned to the RV today. Will post tomorrow.   Ray, the dogs and I are fine. Thanks for the notes of concern. Sometimes we forget people are out there traveling with us via e blog.


  1. Happy to hear all is well. Looking forward to catching up with you soon on your blog.

    1. Thanks! We are back on schedule. We literally ran out of steam. Saw my dr. in PDX and he was surprised it didn't happen sooner. Visiting with relatives this weekend and then off to Branson. I think I told you we are cutting our trip short due to renter ending lease. We will be in AZ for the winter - but in a house instead of the RV. Still traveling but closer to our new home. Hope sometime you will be in the area.