Monday, July 8, 2013


July 7, 2013

Last day at Red Rock RV.  This park has served us well for our week in Island Park.  There are many campers staying the season for fly fishing or ATV riding.  Most of these campers have been coming for years.

The park is off the highway about five miles and only one mile from Henry's Lake.  This was appealing to us.

The office is stocked with emergency supplies (ice, candy, fishing files) and DVD rentals.  Staff will assist in recommending must see attractions and have maps printed that are easy to use.

The restrooms and showers are great.  Brand new laundry machines that are double capacity.  Wifi works great.

Downside - no AT&T service - see the picture above?  That's where you go for service.  They call it the "Phone Booth"

Site 25 was assign to us.  As you can see, it was very narrow.  I have to duck under the tree to get to our front door.  Folks that return annually or make reservations early had large grassy areas by their RVs (whine - so I drank wine inside because there was no room outside)

The other worry is the narrow roads between the rows of RV's.  Some sites do not have enough space for extra cars, ATV's, etc so folks park on the road.  We are going to have to ask a couple of people to move their trucks so we can pull out.  Hope they are home when we are ready to go.  Adds a little stress to exit process.

Upside - There is a field with a walk around the parameter for dog lovers.  It was fabulous.  Every morning, my little alarm clock (Louie) wakes me up at 6:30 for the morning walk.

 There were bird houses on the fence and cheery birds greeted us along our walk.

The field is currently full of wild flowers and little critters that pop up their heads and tease Sydney and Louie.

The views make walking the dogs pleasurable - even at 6:30 a.m.

Next stop - West Yellowstone Montana - Evidently we hit a mile marker when the rock hit our windshield.  Truck is going to be repaired in West Yellowstone.  We have a spot at a beautiful RV park - but we made it late so just Electric and Cable - guess we're roughing it!

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