Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ITSY BITSY SPIDER CLIMBED UP MY LEG - Welcome to West Yellowstone

July 10, 2013

We have been traveling for two months now.  Arrived in West Yellowstone yesterday with two items on our agenda:  1) Have the truck repaired and 2) Find medical clinic.  For the first item we had made arrangements a week ago with the auto body repair shop but the need for a medical clinic was new.

Spider Bite

Evidently, I slept with a spider last week and it loved my leg.  We knew there was a possibility of needing medical assistance on the road but we put that low on our list of worries.  Ray and I had visited our physician several times before we took off and knew we were in good health - take or minus a few pounds that we promised to lose.   As my friends will testify, I get the strangest reactions to bites and was not surprised when my leg began swelling.  The internet came in handy and I found Community Health Partners in West Yellowstone. As soon as we had cell service, I called and had an appointment two hours later.  The NP confirmed it was a spider bite(s) and not a tick bite or something else unusual that would cause a flesh eating disease.  Received a prescription and I was on my way.  Good news, the medicine could cause me to be cranky - I have a pass card for being cranky for a week!  Score!

West Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park and Cabins

The repairs to the truck is estimated to be done by Saturday.  We are staying in a RV Park across the street.  So excited to find a place close because we are now on foot or bike.  The RV Park is super nice and the price is nice too ($40 for a tent to $65 for premium spot).  But considering this is peak visitor time for Yellowstone and the park is exceptional, no complaints only giggles.   We took the only spot available for the time we needed - electric and cable only ($54).  Our big rig looks kinda funny in the spot made for a camper or smaller trailer.  We are just happy to have a spot.  Did I mention it is a corner spot?  Only neighbors on one side.

The highlight of our spot, E1, is the park exit is next to us!  We have a parade of RV's coming and going. It is so much fun to watch families enjoy their vacation.  Kids are so happy and you know this trip will be a memory they will have forever.

Last night Ray enjoyed watching campers (parents) using the laundry located across the street.  It's like living on main street in a small town.  They started at 4 p.m. and it didn't end until 11 p.m.  There were many tired campers getting their clothes cleaned before going to Yellowstone the next day.  I bet some of them were dreaming of their washer/driers at home.

This morning campers headed out to Yellowstone around 8 a.m.  I heard that they were staggering the number of cars entering the park.  Largest crowds in years.  This news helped with our situation of no car and having to hang out in West Yellowstone for the week.

This is the best RV park in the area - perhaps all of Montana and we are happy to be here.

Highlight today:

Ray has already made several bike trips to the pharmacy,  grocery store, fly shop and other places in town.  He has saved a trip to the hardware store for today.  I'm hoping he will also fit in a trip to the grocery store.  :)

I am staying at the RV and resting my leg - under doctor's orders.

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  1. Greetings Moondrifters. We are delighted to have you visit our blog, As Time Goes Bye. We enjoy hearing from other newbies. We can learn so much from each others experiences & mishaps, & OUCH!, did you ever have one. A spider bite! Finding a good medical facility while living the gypsy lifestyle is the one big thing that makes me antsy about all of this. so happy to hear you're doing well.We'll be following your travels too, Don & Gayle