Saturday, July 6, 2013

THERE ARE NO FISH IN least I can't catch them

July 6, 2013

Today was going to be different.  We are going to the river that is the mecca of fly fishing.  I am going to catch a trout today.  I'm ready.

First,  make sure I have the correct flies -

Yesterday we made a quick stop at Henry's Fork Anglers to see what flies were "hot" and/or "everyone was catching fish with."  Grabbed my fly boxes out of the truck  (Yes, I have several fly boxes.)  and discovered that two of my boxes melted.  I had them stored in the truck door pocket for handy access - who would of guessed the car would get so hot to melt the foam thing in the box.

The guys in the fly shop thought it was interesting. Otherwise they ignored us - we must not look like big spenders or experienced fishers.  We bought more files and were optimistic that tomorrow was our day.

Early morning prep work -

There is a process to getting ready to fly fish.  You have to look like you know what your doing as you climb into your waders and then put on your clunky wading boots.  There was a small glitch to my process today, my lucky socks were left in the back of the truck last night and were soaking wet - darn.

Next is setting up your rod (not pole) with correct line and of course the perfect fly.  Then you need to put on your fly vest or lanyard, attach fishing net, hat, sunglasses, wading staff, license, camera, etc., etc.  Sooner or later your ready to fish.

I always feel like I'm in a snowsuit when I'm wearing my waders and boots.

Reading the river - 

Next comes reading the river - also know as deciding where to fish.  What we usually see what other people are doing and follow suit.  In this case it meant crossing the river because that "looked" like where the fish are hanging out.

We first tested the water closest to us and inched ourselves out to the center of the river.  I factored in that I was taller than most of the men I had seen cross and felt somewhat confident that I too can wade across this river.  After all I want to catch a fish -  I took out my wading staff that I got for Christmas and headed out.  It was swift but nothing like the Deschutes River (which I would never wade across).

The wade was so worth it.  The wildflower were beautiful along the trail to the hot fishing spot.  Along with flowers, we saw an Albatross that caught a fish and an otter.

Then its all about getting the fly where the fish is and hooking one.  I could see the fish jump all around me but none thought my fly was appealing.  I tried different flies and worked the river until my arm fell off.

The upside - it was a beautiful day and I loved the river.  

Tonight our strategy is to watch "A River Runs Through It."  After all, tomorrow is another day.

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