Saturday, July 13, 2013

TOURIST TIME IN DOWNTOWN WEST - West Yellowstone that is

July 12, 2013

Friday was a good day.  I'm finally feeling better and Ray suggests we check out West Yellowstone shops.  I'm up for a walk to downtown West (as the locals call it).

There is a walking historic tour through town and we decided this would be our launching pad for our day.  First stop was the Union Pacific Dining Lodge.  This building was completed in 1925.  It was used by UP until 1960 when they discontinued service to Yellowstone.  On the day we were there it was being prepped for a wedding.  We got a chance to peek in and see the craftsmanship.  Beautiful.

Next stop was the Union Pacific Depot - it is the oldest building still standing in West Y.  It is now a museum...and gift shop.  Had the neatest quilting squares with old Yellowstone post cards stamped on them...but I don't quilt.

Behind the UP building is Kelly's motel.  We noticed bears checking out the rooms...too cute.

The wildflowers continue to bloom.  We are always enjoying the color of the variety of flowers we have seen so far on our adventure.  Ray found these beside the UP museum.

Back to the tour.  #1 on the list was the UP Pylon.  This shield is placed near the eastern boundary of UP property.  The patriotic colors and 13 stripes honored the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862 signed by Abe Lincoln.  This took us awhile to find because we assumed the entrance to the park was on Canyon.  After we got straightened out, the walk was easy and fun.  BTW - we're not good at Geocache so it wasn't a big surprise that we were turned around.


We started checking out the shops on Canyon.  Gift shops, fly fishing, tee shirts and then a camera store.  Ray wanted to see about batteries so we went into the camera store.  I received a call from my friend Marcia and stepped outside to chat.  So much more fun than shopping in a camera store with Ray.

Ended the call and stepped into the store to find Ray.  Look what he needed for taking of pics of big animals in Yellowstone.  A new lens.  That was an expensive phone call.   We also found out that West Yellowstone has sales tax.  Montana doesn't but West does - so add $36 to the bill.

I hunted high and low for something I needed - look what I found.  They were fresh out of the oven and we have room in the trailer for them.

We walked back to the trailer with our treasurers.  Ray sat on the picnic table with his new lens and checked out the instructions, etc. -- next thing I see is Ray and his lens flying into the trailer.  The park was testing the sprinklers by our space. LOL


When we were hit by the rock between Ketchum and Stanley, we thought all that needed repaired/replaced was the windshield.  We discovered the right rear panel of the pickup was also damaged, probably by a mile marker when we were getting off the road.  We really do not know how the dents got there.

Contacted Westgate Autobody and they agreed to repair the truck by Friday.  Ray picked it up all fixed.  Thanks Dave and everyone that stepped up and got the job completed in such a short time.

Tomorrow a trip to Yellowstone to try out the new lens.


  1. Hey, wait,I didnt cause the camera lens purchase!! But, I di understand how if you don't have your eye on them the boys can find things to buy to add to the stash. Really, Ray, I look forward to some great images. It was so fun ti talk, Deb.

  2. It was ironic you called the minute we walked into the store. Ray is glad you called. He has always wanted this lens. He thanks you :)