Tuesday, July 23, 2013


July 21 - 25, 2013

 This is our first stay at a KOA Campground.  I jump out of the truck to register us and gather all the information about the park and our site.  Next thing I knew, Jodi walked in and she had been talking to Ray about sites.  Ray and Jodi took off in a cart to scope out a perfect spot for our stay.  This service set the whole tone for our stay.  Thanks Jodi!

 Our site is perfect.  It is near the office/mini golf course/pool/etc.  We have shade and power.  Happy to have AC.   First day here we did catch up on paperwork and other important matters inside our very cool 5th wheel.

 This is a really cute town.  Their claim to fame is the hometown of the Jackelope and the Wyoming State Fair.  The town was founded by a railroad company and it has a railroad museum in the center of town.

Look on the side of the train.  There is a screen for movie night - each Monday in July.  This Monday the movie was Shane.


Douglas also had a POW camp during WWII.  It housed Italian soldiers and then German soldiers.  The soldiers worked on ranches in the area while in prison here.   The US was trying to demonstrate best practice for POW camps in hopes other countries would improve facilities for US POWs.

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