Tuesday, July 23, 2013


July 19 & 20, 2013 - 94 degrees

After our great experience at Buffalo Bill State Park, we decided to stay at more of Wyoming State Parks.  Next on our route was Boysen State Park.  However, we didn't calculate at couple of things:  1) It's too hot to be camping without power (AC) and 2) it's too close to Thermopolis to keep our momentum going.   We traveled 30 miles down a beautiful gorge and through three tunnels to Boysen State Park and reservoir.  Ray looked at me and said, "Did we realize how short our trip would be today?"  My response, "Of Course...."

A traveler at Eagle Campground said the camping spots on the north end are shadier than closer to the reservoir so we pulled into the Lower Park.   The was good information.  Along the reservoir the sites had full sun.

The site was along the Wind River and had trees for shade.  All looked good.  And then came the flies.  Never had so many flies.  We drove to Riverton and purchased everything we could think of to reduce the number of flies.

The other factor we didn't take into consideration was the afternoon sun.  The trees made no difference and we cooked in the 94 degree heat.  Now we understand why we got such a great spot.

Second day there, we headed back to the beautiful Thermopolis and the state park and sat in the shade plotting our route and making reservations at RV parks with electricity (aka Air Conditioning)

I guess we are getting soft in our old age.  Upside of retreating to Thermopolis: We soaked one more time in the mineral pool at the State Park and got a free shower.


 On Sunday, we loaded up the 5th wheel and headed east on Hwy 20/26.  Highway 20 looks a little different in Wyoming compared to Hwy 20 in Oregon.  When we were last on Hwy 20, we had snow...not today.

Saw lots of oil rigs and cows.

Here's Casper - we thought we would drive through town but there was a by-pass.  That is when we have to believe the Garmin that we are still heading in the right direction to Douglas.  It worked.

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