Wednesday, July 24, 2013


July 23 & 24 2013

We have a couple of extra days in Douglas and decide to take care of one chore and check out all the attractions in this small town on Hwy 20 Wyoming.

First - to the beauty salon for Louie and Sydney.   Louie is too low to the ground for the types of areas we have been visiting.  He is either a dust storm or full of twigs and other unusual things.  He needs a trim.

Sydney is hot and needs a buzz cut.  Fortunately,  we found Wag'n Tails Salon and Chris fit them in.  Its the first time we have had a groomer with cowboy boots.

While they are busy, we going out and about.


This park is located about 7 miles out of town.  It is one of only 3 natural bridges in the world with a trout steam flowing beneath and surrounded by an amphitheater of red rock.

Funny thing happened on the way to the park.  A herd of cows greeted us as we went over a small hill in the road.  At first we were surprised that they were not bison.  Then we looked for the cowboys herding them...none to be found.  The cows selfdirected themselves off the road...

Except for this one that really wondered what the hell we were doing on his turf.

I love finding parks like this one.  Well cared for, peaceful and as the sign says, "A Wonder of Nature."

Yep, we climbed to the top of the bridge.  I was so disappointed I couldn't throw a rock.  It was easy going up but the way down was a little dicey.

There was free camping spots for campers under 30 feet.  This would be the view from your campsite.  No one was there.

One thing interesting about this park is it is clearly posted "NO PETS" on several signs prior to entering the park.  The last signs warns a $100 fine if you bring a pet.  I did not learn why - Sydney would of loved this place.


Fort Fetterman is an old army outpost built in the 1800's during the Indian uprisings.  There is suppose to be a museum and gift shop but they are closed this year.

You can reserve a camping site, but I don't recommend it.

and there is a cemetery but it had few grave sites.

Driving back to Douglas (did I mention we got lost going to the fort?), we saw a few pronghorn grazing in a field.  They were not worried about us and taking pics.


On Wednesday, we returned to the railroad museum.  While Ray toured the rail cars,  I went into the Chamber of Commerce housed at the museum and chatted with two delightful ladies.  I now have a hunting license for Jackalope and a really cool pin - Thank You!


Last on our list of must see was the Pioneer Memorial Museum.  This museum is free (the railroad is too) and is located at the State Fair Grounds.  There are several rooms to tour and it takes an hour or so to see everything.


We found a large campground at the State Fair Grounds.  There were several sites but no information about camping.

Another perfect spot for staying overnight free is the city park directly across from the State Fairgrounds.

South Dakota tomorrow!

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