Friday, June 21, 2013


June 21, 2013 – All good things have to come to an end.  Including repairing the RV.  The part arrived yesterday and we pulled the RV into Bish's RV early in the morning.  Since this is our “home,” we needed to entertain ourselves for the day.

First stop Nampa Dog Park. We had to check out the dog park.  It rated five stars from Yelp reviews.  The park was great.  Sydney and Ray went to the big dog portion that had an off leash walkway, benches, water fountain with a dog bowl and lots of green grass.  Sydney was happy to have some freedom and sniff new friends.  Louie and I went to the small dog area.  Louie loved it until other dogs showed up.  We sat on the bench and observed.  No socializing for Louie.

Next we went to a city park to spread out our camping books, maps and calendars to decide where to stay tonight and then the next six days.  Our plan is to head straight to Clayton and start fishing.  We need to start this party.

Five O’Clock rolled around and we were back at Bish’s RV.  The fifth wheel was almost ready. The challenge with having a big slide is the weight and the infrastructure.   After the technicians were finished with our RV, it was better than when it came out of the factory.   The other good news of the day, was most of the expense was covered by the extended warranty we purchased.

Of course, Ray had to get involved in the repair.

Bish's RV is located on Exit 34 heading East on I-84.  The service desk staff was helpful.  The technicians did a great job.  They worked hard to make sure the slide worked successfully.  IF we are ever in Nampa again, we would have them work on the RV again.

THANKS Dave and Ron!

The best news was they did not charge extra for Ray sliding under and inspecting the work.  Ray wanted to see and know everything that was done. This project was a little bigger than any of us expected and created much interest.

 6:30 p.m. we were heading to Ambassador RV for the night.  I am hoping that this is the last night I will be smelling C & I Sugar Plant (processed sugar beets = not good)

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