Wednesday, June 19, 2013


June 18, 2013 - 93 degrees

Day one of waiting for parts.  We set off to check out fishing possibilities  and see what is there is to do in the area.  


We saw a sign for Sportsman's Warehouse on the freeway and decided it would be a great place to kill time.  Pick up stuff that we need for fishing and get out of the heat.  We were excited to find out that it was doggy friendly and so we all had a good time.

Next stop was Nampa Fish Hatchery.  Hatcheries are always have great information about current conditions, where to fish and what to expect.  The staff greeted us and shared information about the hatchery and fishing spots in the area.

We found out that you could fish the Boise River along the Greenway in Boise.  We decided to check it out for a possible place to fish on Wednesday  Barber Park is at one end of Boise and is where we went to spend the afternoon with the dogs.  The temp was 90+ and we thought this would be the perfect spot to chill.  

The park was busy with folks preparing rafts and tubes to float down the river.  Elpey's Boise Raft and Tube Rental operates on sunny days starting June 14.  Folks can rent tubes and rafts for reasonable prices and there is a shuttle to return after a day of floating.  We really wanted to do this but no dogs allowed.  Darn.

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