Monday, June 24, 2013


June 22, 2013

Heading East again.  That always makes us smile.  We called Torrey's RV to see if we could come in early but vacancies.   Anne from Torrey's recommended we travel to Stanley on Hwy 55.  Problem is this is not the route our GPS wants us to go.  We turn right in Boise onto 55 like Garmin said only to realize it was taking us in the wrong direction.  This was our first "How do we turn the big rig around crises?" A couple of twists and turns through parking lots and we are headed in the right direction.  

Our travels took us along the Payette River.  It was beautiful.   We parked along the river and had lunch.  Ray did his good deed for the day and helped a dad with a young family change a tire after he hit a huge pot hole and broke the rim of his wheel.  We followed the Payette another hour watching rafters.   Then turned left in Garden Valley and headed up Hwy 21.  Garmin was happy and we were too.

We both were a little nervous about where we were going to stay without reservations.  Our experience in Oregon was no reservations, no camping.  Since Torrey's RV was full, we assumed we would be lucky to find anything available.  Not true, we found several campgrounds open and vacant.   Can't assume anything ...

We were the only campers in this particular park.  This was exciting and a little nerve racking for these city folks.  Ray was in love.  He set about making a big fire.  Sydney was off leash and enjoying new smells.   We used our Passport discount card and paid $2.50 for the night.

For a day with twists and turns, we ended up just fine.

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