Saturday, June 15, 2013


June 13, 2013

We had several tasks on our list today and decided we would use our bikes to cruise around Baker.  For novice bike riders, which is the category I fall in, this is a great town for bike riding.  The streets are wide and level.  People in Baker are so polite and give you a lot of room.   We navigated out to Safeway near I-84 and then traveled on side streets to downtown for stops at the bank, hair salon, and bike shop.  With all our tasks completed, we headed home to MT View RV through old neighborhoods with fantastic houses.  I feel so accomplished.

For my friends that love cycling, you are going to love Baker.  There are great routes already set for you.  You can ride 5 to 55 miles.   The bike shop is located on Main Street and has information about different routes around Baker City and Baker County.

Yes my dog, Louie, went along for the ride.  He loved the backpack pouch.  I did get several looks as we cruised around town   Louie likes to stand in the pouch so I think we will start looking for a front basket so he can be more comfortable.  (Sydney stayed at the RV.  She would love to come along but she has arthritis.)

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