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June 14, 2013

Ray and I made a pack that by 9 a.m. each day we are not traveling, we will be doing something, e.g. bike riding, walking, something/anything outside of the RV.  (We could easily get addicted to our recliners and DISH TV-- really easy.)

Today we are doing my favorite walk - down Hughes Lane; to Leo Alder Parkway along the Powder River; walk by high school and then back to Mt. View RV.  It takes about an hour and is 3 miles.  Perfect for Ray, the dogs and me.

HUGHES LANE - 1 mile

Hughes Lane is within the city limits, but I feel like I'm in the middle of the country.  I love walking out of the RV Park and seeing this field and watch the farmers or are they ranchers working.  Something this city girl doesn't see up close very often.

The most fun thing about walking along the road is everyone waves at you.   All sorts of cars, trucks, horse trailers, and other interesting vehicles traveling this road.  My favorite is  farmers with dogs riding in the back of their trucks.
How is this for a watering system?  This is a long sprinkler with a pivot at one end.  It goes in a slow circle and covers the entire field.

Lucky day for us.  We saw a deer near the river.  

Ranchers getting ready to cut alfalfa.  While we were there, the semi came that they started their work for the day.   I wonder if this is the Hughes family of Hughes Lane?


One quick mile down Hughes Lane, cross over the Powder River and you are at Leo Adler Memorial Parkway.  Leo Adler was a long time Baker businessman and when he passed, he bequest funds for scholarships and to improve the city of Baker.

The walkway is paved and weaves its way across Baker.  My favorite walk is to the city park.  Today, we are taking the loop to the high school.  Yep, Ray's taking pics and has left me with the dogs.

I'm update my facebook page.

The parkway runs next to "Mr Hughes" property. I was amazing that we were walking so close to where they were cutting alfalfa.  On the other side of the field is the high school.  Love small towns.


My dad use to say the Powder River was an inch deep and a mile wide.  I have no idea where this came from.  But it did confuse me for years.  As you can see in the pics below - its probably four feet deep and 16 to 20 feet wide.

Sydney, our border  collie/springer spaniel,  loves to swim.  She take advantage of  any opportunity to swim where ever we go.  In her younger years, she would swim for hours.  Now, we are more cautious and she has to be leashed incase she gets into trouble.

The kids, big and little, float through town on the Powder River.  This is the spot where they take out their tubes,  rafts, etc. out.  Someday, I'm going to do this.

Louie on the other hand, was not interested in taking a dip.


There is only one high school in Baker.  It serves students from all over the county.  There is a huge sports complex behind the school.  All the grounds are well maintained.  It is so nice to see community pride.

The East/West Shrine Football Game is held here annually in August.  The town is full of football spirit.  There is a parade, cowboy breakfast, tri-tip steak BBQ and other activities.  The main event is the football game in this beautiful stadium.

"Ode to High School"  The mural is composed of squares, each depicting an aspect of high school life — sports, music, FFA, rodeo, FBLA, welding, film, chess, PE, health, culinary arts, theater, art, math, science, language arts and history

GRAVEL ROAD - 0.2 miles

The end of our walk is from the football stadium to the RV Park.  Nothing really exciting about this piece of the walk except for the thought of home.  We did walk by the "In and Out" today.  It has been here forever.  I remember really tall ice cream cones for a quarter.  I suggested it to Ray and he nixed it, something about being counterproductive...

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