Monday, May 20, 2013


 – Tualatin Oregon May 8 – 15 2013

May 8 was our first night in our new home, our 38’ fifth wheel.  We were at the bitter end of cleaning and clearing our house of 24 years and determined to be living in the RV by this date.  So we loaded up the fifth wheel and traveled six miles to Roamers Rest in Tualatin Oregon for our first stay.  Roamers Rest was the perfect launching platform for all the tasks we had to finalize in Portland and regroup what stays with us and what goes into storage, Goodwill, etc.  Each day for a week we had a task list.  By following Wednesday, May 16, I asked Ray what we were going to do the next day and he didn’t have anything to add to the list.  We knew we were ready.

Roamers Rest is a nice and popular RV park on the Tualatin River.  We enjoyed the walks along the river, extremely clean shower and laundry facilities and helpful staff.  Down side was the narrow space we were assigned.  Lesson learned was make reservations well in advanced or live with what is available.  Highlight of the stay was our first visitor, Cathy E, who couldn’t wait to see our new home and she made us lunch.

Tualatin River 

Dog walking area between river and campers.

I did see a coyote on one of my morning walks.  At first I was worried that it followed us from our house in SW Portland.  That would be strange.  Then I realized there are probably several coyotes living in the urban area…not just in my neighborhood.  What a city girl.

Coyote on a morning walk - where is your leash?

It’s all in the logistics. Ray wasn’t going to retire until the house title was officially transferred and that wasn’t until May 17.  Problem was Roamers Rest didn’t have space for us May 16 and 17.   So we moved four miles west to the Sherwood Elks. 

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