Monday, May 20, 2013


 – Sherwood Oregon May 16 – 17 2013

It has always been in our plan to stay at Elks while traveling, but didn’t think it would be our next stop.  Good thing about fraternal organizations, you immediately have friends wherever you go.  Sherwood Elks was no exception.  Dropped in Wednesday night to check out the situation for RV spaces.  We met the camp host, Linda, and ER Guy and his wife.    Everything was arranged and we were good to go.  Our space, again, was very interesting.  Ray did an exceptional job of backing in between two large RVs.  I think the Rhodie across the narrow road will live but it did lose a few blooms...  The good news is we didn’t scratch the RVs on either side of us.  
See our 5th wheel scooch in between the two RVs?
Best part of Sherwood Elks was the view.  The Elks is situated on a hill with the RV’s parked on the west side of the parking lot.  Ray’s parking strategy created an unobstructed view from the back of the RV of a Christmas tree farm and Coastal mountains.   

The view from our living room window,

AND I have to mention Anjee T stopped by for a visit and to pick up the roll of fabric I have been storing since 90’s for that special project.  Thanks Anjee for accepting responsibility to make that long forgotten project have a happy ending.

On the list of first experiences: We played bingo with dobbers or are they called dabbers – who knows?  Thanks to great mentoring from Linda the camp host, we made it through our first night of bingo.  Didn’t know there were so many ways to make a bingo.  Next time there is a bingo opportunity, we’ll be ready. 

Most interesting part of the stay was waking up at 5:30 on Saturday morning, sneaking out to walk the dogs without much prep work to my appearances and finding 20 people in the parking lot preparing breakfast for cyclists participating in the “REACH to the Coast” ride sponsored by the America Lung Association.   

By 9 a.m. there were 100s of cyclists.  This just happened to be the same time we were prepping to leave for our next destination, the coast.  Fleeting thoughts of Big RV vs cyclists crossed my mind and what would that look like in the newspaper...  So Plan B was put into action.  We went down I-5 and crossed over by Corvallis. This circumvented any swearing/horn honking that might have occur between Sherwood and Lincoln City by the driver of the Big RV.  

Next was the challenge of getting out the creative parking spot.  Not to my surprise, our neighbor popped his head out of his beautiful motor home and nicely volunteered to help guide us out.  (I would too if I was him.)  But Ray had a plan and with a little wiggle and waggle, we were out of the spot.  Rodie was not harmed. 
Bye Sherwood Elks


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  2. Hey Ray....what's with the TriMet logo in the last picture? Didn't you retire? Be done with it man! Lol You're missed already. Glad you guys are enjoying your adventure.