Thursday, April 25, 2013


We have been busy the past five months.  It is quite a challenge to change from "Homeowners of 24 Years" to "Drifters off to See the World."  We listened to our fabulous realtor and freshened up our 1950's ranch with new kitchen, bathrooms, floors and paint and listed it on the MLS April 3.  Our plan was for it to be on the market 1 to 120 days.  Our surprise was it was in "Sale Pending" mode within 24 hours.  WOW

Next step was weeding our treasures and stuff for the biggest garage sale I have ever attempted.  Our dear friends stepped up for the challenge and we accomplished our goal of selling, gifting, or donating everything that was not needed in the RV or when we settled down to brick and motor in AZ.  April 13 mission accomplished.  The rooms were empty and we were fully committed to living full time in our RV.  WOW

The process of saying goodbye has started.  We look at people longer and with more intent... take an extra moment for a good hug and to say how much they are valued as a friend.  AND that we will see them down the road. Its hard.  Some folks are not grasping it might be a long time before they see us again.  Thank heavens for social media so we can stay in touch.

Next week a quick trip to Tuscon to meet new friends through our fraternal groups and to check in with our dear Liz, who beat us to Arizona, before starting out on the road.

May 9, 2013 we will be officially full time RVs - off to see the world.

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