Saturday, January 5, 2013

T Minus Five Months and Counting

In July 2012, Ray and I sat on this hillside near Chehalem Mountain and decided to become Moon Drifters.  Our big plan changed from moving to Arizona to selling our possessions and live in a fifth wheel for a year.  Its now January 2013 and over the past six months we have made some major decisions: 1) Ray's retirement date, 2) Purchase a new home (fifth wheel) 3) Finalize the process of preparing our old house to be sold and 4) Becoming detached from possessions we will not need for the next year or ever. 

Sitting on the hillside snuggled in Ray's arms, smelling the sent of lavender growing nearby, I was at peace with our decision.  Now - I'm in a panic.  There is so much to do and how to start.  This is our new adventure and the target date to become full time "Moon Drifters" is May 5.

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