Thursday, June 27, 2013


June 27, 2013

Yesterday was fix windshield and clean trailer day. Nothing to write home about.  Ray traveled about 30 miles to Tunnel Rock Glass and Tire Store  in Challis and replaced the windshield.  He came home with several stories about bigger rocks and bigger problems.  I tried my luck fishing about 5 pm and Ray watched with the dogs.  He was exhausted.

We do laundry about every two weeks.  Typically this not a subject for a blog....but this has turned into an adventure.  We traveled 11 miles to Stanley (pop. 63) for an afternoon of laundry, shopping and poking around.  We past more people fishing on the river than we had seen all week and wondered if we should postpone laundry and fish instead.

Stopped at the one grocery store in town  for soap, because Ray left ours in the basement of the RV, and I searched on the Internet for the coin opt laundry location.  Ray returned to the truck with soap and fishing spinners... Asked if I knew where the laundry was.  "Yep, next to the pizza place."  Ray smiled and said "It burnt down."  Here comes the adventure in doing laundry in Stanley.

Next stop was the Fly Shop where we stocked up on more flies and purchased a cute pair of socks.  (I mention this  because I usually purchase flies and Ray is the one buying glasses, shoes, anything but flies.) While there,  we found out the closest place is Redfish Lake for laundry.  Another six miles down the road.  I become instantly worried about how many people from the area as well as campers will be doing laundry.   I had visions of people lining up to do laundry.   

The directions were to go to the horse corrals and turn right.  Of course, laundry next to the horse stables.... I knew that?  Two young women pulled in right before us and Ray said a bad word.  Now it was going to get competitive.  Everything turned out fine.  There were six washers and we shared them.  Some boys had left their laundry in the washers but I had no problem putting them on the counter.  Felt like I was back in college.  The girls were worried about pulling out the boys laundry so I figured the must be cute boys. 

And again we got through another crises.

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