Sunday, June 30, 2013


June 29, 2013

Before we arrived in the Sawtooth Mountains, we assumed that Idaho was full of potato fields.  We realized that there would be cities, towns, farms, cows, mountain passes, rivers, etc but the vast amount of area set aside as scenic and wilderness is impressive.  

Today we explored the Bay Horse mine.  About 30 miles east of our camp site. This ghost mine is off Hwy 21 and 4 miles up a narrow dirt road.  In 1864, prospectors met a man with two bay horses who told of rich mining ground.  They couldn't remember his name so they called the site "Man with Two Bay Horses and then it was shorten to Bay Horse.   Silver and copper mines brought many people and the town was created.  Today, you can see old mines, mining structures and buildings.

There was one stone building.  The marker said that it was a Wells Fargo store.  In the background is the mill and smelter site.  It was built on the hill side to use gravity to process the silver and copper.

Notice the storm clouds - it started raining half way through our walk.  Huge rain drops - even though we paid $5, we abandoned the tour and ran for the truck.

There were several buildings to view.  Most of buildings were saloons, cabins, boarding houses, etc.  It was common to have fourteen saloons in mining towns...that is until women and children arrived. . .

It was five by the time we reached the RV.  The rain had stopped and it was 95 degrees.  Ray moved the chairs to the edge of the campsite to relax and enjoy the view of the Salmon River while I prepared dinner.

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