Tuesday, June 11, 2013


June 11, 2013

My cousin, Tammy, and I took off early this morning for Grant County.  People who have visited this part of Eastern Oregon call it “God’s County” and I agree.   I love driving through the ponderosa pines and seeing the Strawberry Mountains in the distance.   As a plus, I had a great visit with my cousin, Carrol, and my cousin Delmas and his wife Mary.  

There was much teasing about the city cousin.  I offered to help with bringing in the cattle this year until I heard I would have to ride a horse!  Yep, they are still bringing the cattle through town and using horses.  
Sumpter Valley

The view from Carrol's house

My cousin Carrol

Carrol's goats.  She is going to name one of the kids "Deb" :)
Dixie Creek Road

Quail sitting on the rail.

View from my cousin's ranch on Dixie Creek

Prairie City Oregon

Strawberry Mountain Range

Forest Ranch outside of Prairie City

Austin Oregon - my mom lived here

Austin Valley

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