Friday, May 24, 2013


Santiam Pass Hwy 20 - May 22, 2013

Today is moving day.  We are traveling from the Oregon Coast to Central Oregon.  Should be easy.  Day started off ok.  Items in the RV put away.  Bikes in the RV and dogs in the truck.  Slides all tucked in and the power cord in the back to the truck.  I just happened to notice the dish satellite still standing proud and tall on top of the RV.  Guess what happened next?  Power cord and slides back out and dish down.  After some muttering about a check off list, we were in the truck and headed east.

The garmin had us turn off at Albany and we traveled through Silo and Lyons which was a new road for us.  It is always exciting guessing if the garmin knows more than we do on the correct road to travel.  Everything went great and we were on schedule.  I had checked the weather forecast and it reported 50 degrees over the pass - easy money.  Ha - they were wrong.  SNOW!  Just enough to make the trip interesting but not dangerous.

Made it to Thousand Trails Sunriver/Bend and got to set up camp with a few snow flakes teasing us.

View of Hwy 20 - almost at pass

Had to stop and take the pic.  It is so pretty

Stopped at Sisters Oregon for fuel.  Found Huckleberry Smoothie - Highly Recommend

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