Tuesday, May 21, 2013


- Newport Oregon  May 21, 2013

Well, it had to happen…it rained.  I mean really rained.  We were prepared and followed the Deb Carroll rules regarding "What to do on rainy days at the beach: Visit tourist traps."  Ray and I headed to one of my favorite spots in Newport, the Nye Beach area.  

Nye Beach in 2013 looks a lot different than it did in the ‘70’s/80’s when I lived here.   I loved walking to this beach and finding a nook in the cliff or between driftwood to sort out what ever was bothering me.  I felt safe going to the beach alone and my big problems would dissolve into small ones by the time I headed home.  When I was 18, it was a very interesting place.  Quite colorful characters lived there and had interesting stories.  Not the type of people my mom would be excited me knowing about.  My friend Denise and I lived there the summer after high school graduation and felt quite independent even though her parents lived around the corner.  

Now the area is trendy. The shops are quaint and the hippies have left.  But there stills remains something special about Nye Beach whether it is the Nye Beach of my teens and twenties or today.  It always draws me back to it’s welcoming arch, turnaround, vintage houses and interesting people. 

Nye Beach Turnaround

Chowder Bowl @Nye Beach
One of my favorite places in Nye Beach is the Chowder Bowl.  The chowder is exceptional and that is saying a lot since this is the hometown of the worlds famous Mo’s Clam Chowder.  Ray and I had a great lunch and then purchased chowder base so we could enjoy it again.  We made a short attempt to act like tourist and shop but the rain and the thought of a nap convinced us to return home. 

Chowder with a shrimp sandwich - Yummy

This evening the skies have cleared and it looks like one more sunset for us. I just keep thinking in a few months I’ll be looking at sunrises over the ocean instead of sunsets.

Bend tomorrow – hope there is no snow over Santiam Pass. 

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