Sunday, August 4, 2013


August 3, 2013

We head into Duluth to explore all the wonderful places highlighted in their tourism brochure...of course first thing that attracts our attention is the aerial lift bridge and the point beyond.  This will be our first great lake experience.

Down the hill we go and we wind ourselves along brick paved streets.  Our mission is to find and cross the bridge to see what is on the other side.  Of course neither one of us had a map.

I started seeing markers for "Bob Dylan Way" so I assure Ray we are on the right path to somewhere.

This is the performing arts center.  It was next to the train museum.  We're getting close.

We cross over the aerial lift bridge to Minnesota Point.  A busy place on a Saturday afternoon.  There are rows of restaurants and shops lining the two streets that seem to be the thoroughfare.  We get in the line up of cars and see where the road takes us.

To our pleasant surprise, at the end of the road is a public park full of people picnicking and enjoying the beautiful day.  We found parking for beach access next to the Duluth Seaplane Airport(?) and headed out for a stroll along Lake Superior.

On the path to the Lake, we saw what I think is some type of wild Bridal Breath growing with the dune grasses.  

We walked along the shoreline.  Since there isn't an outgoing tide to reveal packed sand for easier walking,  we walked at the water edge.  Sydney got to swim and Louie worked hard to avoid getting wet.  We found a log to sit and catch a view of the lake.  Louie decided to dig in the sand.  Nothing like a sandy dog in the car.

The Lake reminded us of the Pacific as we could not see land on the horizon.  But we couldn't see land on either side of us...does that make any sense?  Either way, it was a beautiful day and I didn't miss the NW wind that blows in the afternoon on the Oregon coast.
When we were leaving the point, the bridge was closed to let boats through.  We look ahead of us and there is another wedding!   What a fun place to have pictures.  Ray got out his long lens and grabbed a couple of shots!


  1. Deb, while you're in Duluth be sure to visit the North Shore area. See Two Harbors, Gooseberry Falls & Split Rock Lighthouse & stop for a slice of pie at Betty's.

    1. Thanks! I think we take your advise today. Heading for a week in Wisconsin. We are staying near Woodruff. Then back to Minneapolis/St Paul...then to Branson Missouri for Labor Day Weekend. Long story but we are going to Phoenix. As they say it is the journey that is the adventure.