Thursday, August 1, 2013


August 1, 2013

Typically travel days are uneventful and not something I think my friends will be interested in...but I do have a story today.  We arrived at Chamberlain on the Missouri River about three pm yesterday (Central Time).  Both Ray and I mentioned this is the first time either of us have seen the Missouri.  I think back to Lewis and Clark and the Oregon Trail.  Ray thinks Midwest and bugs.

The Missouri River in Chamberlain looks like the Columbia in width.  We have a campsite on the river front and really excited to enjoy the views of river traffic, i.e. ski boats.
We are low on food so we jump into the truck and head to town in hopes they have a grocery store that is mid-size or bigger.

The one grocery store in town was great.  Picked up what we needed and I discovered this new type of cart to take our bags to the car.  I was so excited I told the bag person that I wanted to take a picture.  He said people do not find these unusual because they use them at Walmart.  I didn't tell him I don't go to Walmart often.
The campground we are staying is called Cedar Point Resort.  There is a lodge, marina and the campground.  We can use the pool and facilities in the lodge.  The best part of this campsite is the powerful wifi!!!!  I am beginning to learn that free wifi means nothing when selecting a campground.  Its like saying you have cable TV and there is only one channel...

The man who registered us said this part of the Missouri flooded and they were still recovering from the damage.  I think the flood was three years ago.

The evening was great.  We BBQ and acquired new friends - don't know what they are called but we will have to check our slides throughly to make sure they do not travel with us.

6:30 AM (really 5:30 Central) and Louie is up.  I hear rain but I know that doesn't stop Louie from needing to go outside.  On goes the rain coat and out the door we go.  It starts to thunder.  I'm thinking, hmm this is the midwest... I probably should head back to the RV.  As I am helping Sydney up the steps the largest lightening strike occurs and I shriek as Ray is pulling me and the dog inside.

We sit at our table inside the RV and watch the storm pass over us and the sun rise at the same time.  Welcome to the Missouri River.

It's now 8 a.m.  - sky is clear and we're getting out of here.

I guess were not in the Pacific Northwest any we are going to the Corn Palace and De Smet SD - home of Laura Ingells Wilder

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