Sunday, June 9, 2013


June 5, 2013  We stayed one night in Pendleton.  It made sense to stop at the Wildhorse Casino RV Park.  Easy on and off the freeway with a shuttle to the casino.  This meant we did not need to unhook the RV from the truck.  The price point, services and convenience makes this a great stop before heading over Cabbage Hill and Ladds Canyon towards Baker City.

I was excited to be in Eastern Oregon.  The weather is different from other parts of Oregon.  It is dry and warm -- and there is a breeze.  You can sit in the shade and be at peace with the world.  It was a beautiful evening and we tossed out the lawn chairs to enjoy the warm sun and scenery.

Wildhorse Casino  Instead of playing slots, we watched Star Trek at their new theater. 

Interesting fact, the gas station is self service because it is on the reservation.  We estimate fuel cost is 50 per mile.

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