Sunday, June 9, 2013


WILDWOOD RECREATION AREA  - Right next door to Mt Hood RV Park is the BLM Wildwood Recreation Area.  Allyson recommended/insisted we visit this spot before we leave the area.  Saturday was the perfect day for the visit. Rob, my favorite son and hiking partner, was coming for a visit and the RV park had to trail that connected to Wildwood.  Our round trip was just under 5 miles, three miles was the trail from the part to Wildwood.

Wildwood is a fantastic park.  This is a spot to add to your list of must sees for out-of-state guests.  It really showcases Oregon forests.   The park allows for short hikes with well marked trails, picnic areas, and a bit of education regarding salmon habitat and wetlands.  Here is the link to their website: BLM Wetland


EL BURRO LOCO  Another find in Welches is the El Burro Loco Restaurant.  It is located in the same shopping area as the Rendezvous Grill.  Both conveniently located across the highway from the flyshop.  We started the evening with a Sangria for me and a Strawberry Daiquiri for Rob (Ray had a beer).   My $4 sangria was beautiful and tasty.  Rob's daiquiri was made with fresh Oregon berries.  Who cares about dinner?  We would come back here for the drinks.   As a plus, our food was excellent.    

FIRST FIRE OF THE YEAR  Our big plan was to have our first fire on Memorial Day Weekend in Bend.  The rain postponed this event.  Saturday night was perfect for the fire, especially since Rob was there to enjoy it with us.

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