Monday, May 20, 2013


– Newport High School, Class of 73

Ever been to your reunion?   I know the stories; saw the movies…who would ever want to be on the planning committee?  They are the villains in the movies.  Sitting at the registration table, making judgments on the heroes of the movies and then having meltdowns and getting their just deserts.  Well, I have to tell you a secret.  We are circumventing all the pitfalls of being labeled “The Committee” by not calling us a committee and including anyone who will come to a meet-up as part of the planning group.  It is working out great.  I have reacquainted myself with people that I haven’t seen or talked to in forty years.  They all would be the heroes in the movie and all have led interesting lives.  

Saturday was one of the “meet ups” at the Agate Beach Best Western.  Its exciting because you never know who will be there and what interesting facts they might know.  Again, I wasn’t disappointed and I loved seeing everyone.  Funny thing, not one of us looked like we did when we were 18… how did that happen. 

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